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Personal Wine Cellaring:
Cellar, interact, and ship with ease

Oeno Vaults offers pick ups from wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma County, climate controlled cellaring, online inventory management, and on-demand shipping to locations across the country.


Your Crate

Add the bottles you want to your crate, complete the checkout process, and enjoy your wine.

Track Shipments

Track Shipments

Online order tracking allows you to view any shipment in transit in real-time.

Get Notifications

Get Notifications

Our notification system alerts you when orders are received and shipped.

View History

View History

You can view your order history at any time to understand your historical usage and maintain inventories.

Wherever you are Oeno Vaults has you covered

As an Oeno Vaults customer you have access to our shipping rates, which are the most competitive of anyone in the industry.

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