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A new way to interact with your wine.

Our mobile app makes managing your wine effortless. It enables you to store, ship and request your wines all from a mobile phone. It’s your own portable wine cellar!


Inventory management
and sharing capabilities

View your entire wine collection by adding inventory from your home cellar.
With the new camera feature you can take a picture of any wine
and add your own personal tasting notes.

Shipping & gifting features

Shipping and gifting your wines has never been easier.

With the “one click” On Demand shipment function you can now ship your wines to just about anywhere in the world.

Need to ship wine as a gift? Now you can gift a wine for any holiday, birthday, anniversary or just because it’s a Friday with our new gifting feature. It’s never been easier. Simply type in your personal note and let Øeno Vaults take care of the rest.