• +Secure Wine Cellaring

    Private, fully alarmed, secured wine vault. Membership Fee includes the storage of your first 144 bottles of wine. Each additional bottle is subject to an additional bottle charge of $0.45/btl/mo.

  • +Wine Order Pick Ups

    Any wine purchase made in Napa or Sonoma Counties will be picked by our professional staff using our climate controlled truck. Additional charges may apply.

  • +Shipping

    Simply select the wines from your collection you’d like and where you’d like them sent and we will take care of the rest.

  • +Dedicated Ship-To Address

    Have Oeno Vaults as your dedicated shipping address for all your wine purchases. You can now have peace of mind that your wines aren’t sitting in a hot warehouse, or delivery truck, but rather in a safe, controlled environment.

  • +By-the-Bottle Photographs

    Our experienced staff digitally photographs all wines checked in at Oeno Vaults. This unique feature allows our customers to view their wines firsthand on the mobile or web app.

  • +By-the-Bottle inspection

    Each bottle is inspected to ensure quality. If we visually see that damage has occurred to any bottle brought into our facility, we will contact you immediately and assist in tracking down a replacement.

  • +Mobile App

    Our iPhone and Android app is the latest feature available to all our customers. Nominated for “best app in 2014,” you can now take your cellar anywhere you go! You can even track what wines you don’t store at Oeno Vaults with our “Additional Cellar” feature.

  • +Web Based Account Management

    Our inventory management interface allows you to track every detail about every bottle of wine you store at Oeno Vaults. The web-based interface allows you to search and sort and rate your favorites.

  • +Oeno Vaults’ Wine Sourcing Program

    We partner with various wine-sourcing experts to track down the most sought after wines. Let us know your interests and we will work with our partners to locate wines that fit your profile.

  • +Area Deliveries

    Local area deliveries available upon request; additional charges may apply.

  • +Preferred Shipping Rates

    We offer our members rates that are lower than most alternative shipping options.

To be added to our waiting list, please call 707.595.3612
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